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Secrets and Spies [entries|friends|calendar]
Secrets and Spies

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Josh/Fox - Time for a visit [10 Oct 2005|08:35pm]

Nothin' like a few days in the ER to really think about how to get back at the man who put you there. Josh fingers his jaw, still sore from the right hook from Fox, sure Evi was there, but it's time Fox got what was coming to him. All those years of playing the small leagues in Vegas, while Fox just got richer and had her still wrapped around his finger.

He opens the folder one more time, as the car winds it's way to the compound. So all this time, Evi had a little guy on the side, not for work, but someone who takes care of her needs. Not like the girl had to pay for a little attention with a man, but must be somethin' that this pretty boy was giving her that Fox couldn't. Grining slowly, as the gate opens, he can't wait to show Fox what his little Evi has been up to.Or what she was up to right now, looking at the dates on the photos. Have to give that freelancer a big tip if the pics work the way he wants; he just wants a little revenge, plain and simple.

Blowing past the gards, who know better then to mess with him; he pushed open the solid oak doors,

"Fox, so no welcoming party for an old friend?"
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OOC: Important announcements [09 Oct 2005|08:46pm]

I know a few of us are steadily chugging along with some of our threads and others are feeling left out because they have nothing to do, but I wanted to let you guys know that my ultimate goal is for Billy, Dom, and Emilie to get to Oahu to be with Jorge and Maggie. Hopefully, then we can move along and get some of the questions from S&S answered.

As for Fox and Evie...I know that they've attempted to start over, but we all know Foxy has gone back to his old ways and Evie has run to Orlando for comfort. Somehow, I'd like Hannah to find out that Billy, Dom, and Emilie are still alive and come back to tell Fox. That's when the shit will REALLY hit the fan and we can get into some major plotting. :)

Like I've said, you guys can post anything you like. Get together and start a thread, it doesn't have to have my approval or be my idea. If you're not involved in the game, MAKE yourself involved. Get right into the thick of it somehow. For example...what would happen if Orlando just showed up at Andy's? What if Ian came to visit Maggie and saw Jorge there? What if Hannah found Dom and exacted her OWN revenge? Hmmm.

Any questions? Let me know.

*snuggles and kisses to you all*
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Orlando/Evangeline - Back in London [24 Sep 2005|06:19pm]

What was she going to say when she got there?

I just wanted to check up on you... say hello.

It was complete shite and Evie knew it.

After being in France for weeks, she started getting bored. Very bored. Sure, Fox was taking care of her. More than usual. But Evie yearned for something... someone else. There really was only one man who could say Evangeline and make it sound perfect. He always called her Evangeline. Never shortened it. Never gave her a pet name. It was always simply Evangeline. And she loved it.

She'd arrived in London that morning, using every single contact she had to make sure that she wasn't being followed. Evie told Fox that she'd be gone for a while, and that he didn't have to worry. She told him that she'd be back with truckloads of new clothes and new shoes and new bags. She told him she needed to shop to relieve her boredom.

Of course, she'd been telling him that lie for ages. It was almost two years since she'd first met Orlando Bloom.

And here she was again. In front of the door to his apartment. It was late afternoon, and Evie knew that the time was right since he never had clients at this hour. After a conscious effort in making sure she looked good, she quickly knocked on the door.
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Hannah/Orlando - Morning. Orlando's apartment [21 Sep 2005|07:07pm]

The night had crept by with little interuptions. Sure there were a few loud noise outside the window that caused her to jump out of bed, but other than that she was passed out and stretched out on the unfamiliar bed.

It was morning...Hannah flickered her eyes open. It was morning! She had really slept all night long at this place. Time to get up and get out of here. The shirt she had taken from the drawer the past night was right below her hips. With no idea of if he was awake or even still in the place Hannah peeked her head out of the door to look around and see what would be in view.
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Billy/Emilie - Hushed Conversations [17 Sep 2005|09:44pm]

((Follows this thread.))

Billy stirs his tea thoughtfully, staring over the top of the cup toward the window. Sun blazes behind the curtains, but Billy's still too nervous to take a peek outside just yet. There's so much to be thinking about, to be doing, and as appealing as staying in this room with Emilie and Dom is, he can already feel the familiar longing for danger. A gun in his hand and those two at his side.

We need to plan our next move.

Just as he sits his tea cup down and props his feet up in the empty chair across from him, something warm and sleepy climbs into his lap. Emilie's long, blonde hair falls across his bare chest as she curls up against him. Billy chuckles softly and kisses the top of her head.

"Good morning, Angel." He whispers, his arms wrapping around her and pulling her close. "Did I wake you?"
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Flashback - Billy/Dom - Getting to Know You [12 Sep 2005|09:07pm]

Billy was watching Dom sleep, as he often did in the early morning. Something about rolling over and finding that breathtakingly beautiful boy asleep next to him was too much. It made him want to stare at the steady rise and fall of that tanned back for hours on end.

Dom stirred when he leaned down to press a kiss to the small of his back, he just couldn't resist any longer, and Billy smiled at the younger man's mumblings.

Stretching himself out over Dom's back, he bent to whisper in his ear. "Today's the day, lad." He breathed slowly, enjoying the shiver that it produced. "Are you ready? D'you think you can remember all I've taught you?"
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Orlando/Hannah - London [10 Sep 2005|10:22pm]

Hannah agreed to work for Matthew Fox just for the simple reason it’ll all be on his dime. She was going to London to get her brother’s revenge on a name that didn’t ring any bell and Fox was willing to pay for it. It all seemed a little peculiar and Han needed to investigate more. Elijah was hired and kept around by a woman named Evangeline Lilly. The name leading her to the bank under Matthew Fox and that’s when it all started. She needed to find out more about the both of them.

Looking around in London for Dominic Monaghan could wait another day or two; she needed to research her boss more. And the city she happened to be in was one that Miss Lilly herself visited quite often. When Hannah researched it more another name added to the list. Orlando Bloom.

Address. Number. Birthday. Even fucking blood type. It was all too easy to get.

Stepping up to his place was awkward. But Hannah needed answers and/or some sort of blackmail she could use against her new boss. Her petite fingers were balling up to give a good firm knock to the door.
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Flashback - Elijah/Hannah - Finding Our Niche [06 Sep 2005|10:44pm]

It was a bit odd to see his little sister holding a gun, but Elijah thought he'd seen stranger things in his life. If anything, Hannah seemed practically made for it. The way she stood, that cocky smile on her face, the blackness of the grip contrasting nicely with the paleness of her hands. It was like she should have always been holding it.

Elijah could shoot, passably, it was stupid not to be able to in his line of work, he thought it time for Hannah to learn as well.

"I won't have you freaking out on me if something goes wrong." He'd told her. "If you're going to work with me, then you're going to have to learn how to fucking cover your own ass."

Hannah smiled then, sweetly, and glanced up at him knowingly. "Just give me a gun, big brother."

Now, standing there next to her at the shooting range, he knew she was a natural. "You've done this before, haven't you?" He asked, pulling the plugs from his ears.
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Fox/Hannah - Some answers [29 Aug 2005|10:40pm]

Fox had liked the villa as soon as he'd seen it and within a week of being in Nice he decided to buy it. He'd been even more pleased to discover the rather roomy study in the back of the house, as it was now serving as his office.

He was doing just as Evie had said. They were laying low. Taking the odd job here and there, mostly local stuff. Money laundering, the old stand by. High dollar, sure, but boring as hell. That's why he was surprised to have a visitor announced early one morning, requesting a meeting with him immediately. More contacts meant more jobs and that meant more money. What else could he do but take it?

His second cup of coffee sits steaming on his desk when he hears the door open. He glances up and sees a young woman, moving across the room toward him quickly. She doesn't look too happy.
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Billy/Emilie/Dom - Recovering [27 Aug 2005|09:51pm]

The room that Andy has for them does little to hide their relationship. It has a single bed, an enormous and plush one that Dom is currently resting in. Emilie is at the mirror in the bathroom, patiently combing the tangles out of her long hair. And Billy is enjoying his leisurely soak in the bathtub.

No one has even attempted to disturb them since they hobbled in this morning, and Andy has already said they can stay as long as they like. At least until things blow over.

Billy thinks they're doing pretty good considering they're supposed to be dead.

The water in the tub is tinged pink and the scratches he has along his arms and neck sting from the scalding water. He stands up and pulls the plug, wrapping a towel around his waist hurriedly before moving up behind Emilie.

He buries his face in her soft tresses and presses a kiss to the nape of her neck. "Thank you for the bath, love."
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Attention! [23 Aug 2005|11:07am]

(((ooc: The Teffy here, just letting you know we now have a OOC community for plotting and planning and general RP discussion out of character. :) Also if you have any questions about the S&S timeline, plot, general info.


Go, my lovilies. Go forth and plan the smut. :) )))
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Fox and Evie...after the explosion. [21 Aug 2005|10:37pm]

Fox gets immense satisfaction in pushing Evangeline up against the rough, brick wall. Feeling the debris pelt his back. The heat of the fire scorching his neck.

Evie's laughing. Deep and throaty and all kinds of naughty and Fox lets his smile grow even wider.

"Fuck, I hope they're dead." He says breathlessly, hand falling to her hip. "I hope they have to be identified by their dental records."

There's soot on Evie's cheek and he reaches up to wipe it away with his thumb. "You were utter perfection, baby. You don't know how much I enjoy watching you work."

They both moan when Fox slides a hand through her hair. His palm lands on the back of her neck and he tugs her away from the smoldering building.
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